Kamil Mullashev was born in Western China, in the city of Urumqi. Father, Valiakhmed Mukhamadyar haji Mullashi, calligrapher, mother, Magizhamal, daughter of Yunus, teacher of the women's gymnasium. They are natives of the city of Semey, Kazakhstan, whose families left the Bolshevik repressions in the 1930s for the XUAR. From childhood, Camille showed extraordinary ability to draw. "I think that the very first interest in something or a hobby, the child is certainly given by the family, his parents. Then this hobby can become a favorite thing. Talent is born from here. And time and the world around contribute to its formation, creating a special shade and color ."
In 1961 he graduated from high school and entered the Institute of Painting in Urumqi. Studied at the institute for 2 years. The Mullashev family in 1963 returned to Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata.
In Alma-Ata, Kamil, having two courses at the Institute of Painting, entered an art school, drawing attention to himself with a high level of training. He graduated, instead of the prescribed five years of education, in three years. After graduating from college, Kamil worked for several years, but dreamed of studying in Moscow. He always believed that education was necessary for an artist, and he found support in the family, especially from his father.
In 1972 he entered the MGHI (Moscow State Art Institute) named after. V.I. Surikov.
Mullashev has been achieving success and recognition in his art since his student years. Exhibited at all-Union, foreign exhibitions, where his work is widely known in the USSR. (see biography)
Over the course of his many years of creative life, Mullashev is constantly in search of new sensations, constantly changing styles and manners of painting, abruptly changing the direction of content. Camille, having a good command of the academic basis of painting, always strives for new perceptions and self-expressions.
K. Mullashev throughout his creative life takes an active part in zonal, international exhibitions, holds solo exhibitions. (see Exhibitions). He has been married since 1979, raised a son, and has two grandchildren. The artist's works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery, museums of the Russian Federation, the State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A. Kasteev (Almaty), regional museums of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Directorate of Art Exhibitions of the Ministry of Culture of Kazakhstan, private collections in Kazakhstan, the CIS, Europe, America and Asia.


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